Open Life Settlements | Making Life Settlements Transparent


Open Life Settlements is the nation’s premier life and viatical settlement broker. When you no longer want or need your life insurance policy, we can sell your policy for an immediate lump-sum cash payment.

Leveraging the world’s largest network of life settlement funding, Open Life Settlements works to obtain the maximum possible offer for your policy from reputable buyers. Our process is transparent, thorough, respectful of your privacy, and fully escrowed. Best of all, we charge no fees or expenses to seek offers: our commission is paid directly from the proceeds of the transaction. There is no obligation to accept any offer, and no charge if you decline an offer for any reason.

A life settlement will completely relieve you from premium payments and pay you cash that can be used for health care, retirement, education, or any other purpose you desire. All types of policies – even term life insurance that is nearing expiration – may be eligible. Call 866.877.4054 today to find out what Open Life Settlements can obtain for your policy, or use this site to find out more about the life settlement process, including how to get an anonymous, instant estimate of your policy’s value.

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