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Transform Your Life Policy Into Wealth
When you no longer want or need your life insurance policy, Open Life Settlements can help transform your policy into wealth through a life settlement. We work to obtain offers for your policy that will completely relieve you from premium payments and pay you a substantial lump sum in cash.

You can use the money from a life settlement for health care, retirement, or any other purpose you desire. You must be 56 or older to qualify, but all types of policies – even term life insurance that is nearing expiration – may be eligible.

According to industry reports, the average life settlement yielded 300% to 400% of the policy’s cash surrender value. Call 866.877.4054 today to find out what Open Life Settlements can obtain for your policy, or use this site to find out more about the life settlement process, including how to get an instant estimate of your policy's value. There is no cost to seek offers, and no obligation to accept any offer we obtain for you.
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Open Life Settlements is committed to making sure that you have all the information you need about the pros, cons, and process of a life settlement. Our comprehensive consumer guide to life settlements will provide you detailed information about life settlements, including tips on getting the best deal and mistakes to avoid. Click on the icon below to download your free copy of our Consumer Guide in an easy-to-print PDF format.
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